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Torque is defined in physics as a “twisting force.” Many of the products that we industrial distributors apply to machines, such as couplings, sprockets and gearmotors, are measured by the amount of torque they transmit.

When TORK PRODUCTS INC. (T.P.I.) was started in 1989, a search took place for a name that was meaningful and described the business. The spelling TORK was unique (and easier to spell than Torque) hence TORK PRODUCTS INC was born on October 1, 1989.

TORK PRODUCTS INC represents many respected manufacturers in the industrial field of bearings, hydraulics, power transmission, motion control and material handling products. The T.P.I. sales staff are adept in applying the technical products that industry requires. T.P.I. Stocks thousands of items and must service their numerous customers “7/24/365” 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Product knowledge and service are the keys to the success of TORK PRODUCTS INC.

Fort Wayne: Tork Products, Inc. - 4125 North Clinton St., Fort Wayne, IN 46805 - Phone: 800-759-7893 or 260-482-7713 - Fax: 260-484-1980
Lima: Tork Products of Lima, Inc. - 2777 N. West Street, Lima, OH 45801 - Phone: 800-388-5285 or 419-229-0555 - Fax: 419-229-0633